About Us

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Our History

With a continuous presence in the field of manufacturing and trading jewelry and watches from 1953 until today, we are a family business that started when at a very young age our father Giorgos Kotsonis was introduced to the secrets of this precious art.

Initially as an assistant in a jewelry workshop then in Via Averof, and then creating his own store on the exact same street where we are today, but having returned as a graduate of studies in jewelry design and manufacture at the Scuola di oreficeria umanitaria in Milan.

The continuation brought, initially into our father’s life and finally into the business, our mother Anna, where her enthusiasm, her love for jewelry and the directness with the people made her an integral part of the business.

It was the beginning of 2002, when it was the turn of the second generation to receive the baptism of fire and with the same love, values and respect we try to keep the name we received from our parents high and we look forward to the continuation of the relationship of trust that has been achieved between us and our customers over the years.